Dream Big Publishing

Author: Sheri Chapman

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: January 20, 2017

belongings and headed out on foot from their remote home to find refuge in the small town. However, she marched straight from one man’s command into another’s. The Oglala War chief on a mission for revenge found a beautiful woman to rescue. Once the warrior had saved the girl’s life, she owed it to him forever. Tamed by the wild culture of these caring but fierce people, Kaitlin learns that freedom isn’t always defined by personal expectations. Being a slave could never be an option, but how could she ever want liberty when her freedom is claimed by an attractive war chief who has also captured her heart?

Wild Passions (Book 1)

I have many passions in my life, and I’ve worked hard to make all my dreams come true! I love to write, and I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was in fifth grade. Thanks to Dream Big, I have one more check off of my list! I also love all animals; so much of my time is spent with my preferred pet, Pomeranians. I own a licensed kennel and invest many hours to breed the perfect pet. My reward is that I get to play with puppies daily until they go to their new homes! Currently, I am a teacher in Missouri Public Schools, but I plan to retire in May of 2020. I intend to keep writing and hopefully show dogs upon my retirement from teaching. My children and family are focal points, and I also am fortunate enough to have many friends. I am happy and in love with life! I’m a driven person who adores people, the great outdoors, and spirituality.  I surround myself with positive things. Generosity and appreciation are integral parts of my daily life! 

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About the Author

Bear Claw Clan of the Lakota (Oglala Sioux), Chief Spirit Bear. She is his slave but falls desperately in love with her captor. How can she earn the right to be adopted into the Indian culture and marry her handsome warrior? In Book two, Passions of the Heart (in-progress), the soon-to-be-princess is kidnapped by an enemy tribe, the Crow. Spirit Bear must let her go or risk the lives of his people for her return to his side. In Book three (not yet started), Kaitlin is “rescued” by white men and brought back to the settlement. They think the child she carries is that of her (absent) white husband’s, a lie to protect her unborn infant. Kaitlin must escape and return to the man she loves. If she cannot, she risks her life and that of her child when the baby she carries is brought forth into the world. All will know then that she is a “squaw” to the renowned great enemy and chief of war, Spirit Bear.

Passions Series

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Author Sheri Chapman

The Charmed Necklace

Description:  The Passion series is focused around the adventures of a stunning blonde and the dominant war chief of the Oglala Sioux. Set back in the early 1800’s, the early whites begin to travel into South Dakota territories. In the book one, Wild Passions, Kaitlin is saved by the powerful leader of the  

Description:  When Kaitlin’s father promised her hand to the foulest individual in the newly settled town, she decided she’d had enough! No man would control her anymore! Kaitlin packed her meager 

Passions Series