Genres we are ACCEPTING!

We will accept Agented and UN-Agented authors
 - must be 18 or older, please

1) We are looking for fiction works. Full-length novels – 17,500  words and up, 120,000 + words, if applicable for the work, may be split into separate novels.  No non-fiction.

Short Story -  3,500 - 7,500 Words

Novelette - 7,500 - 17,000 words

Novella - 17,500-40,000 

Novel -   25,000-150,000  

Juvenile book – mid 3,000-25,000 

Young adult book - 15,000-80,000 

- Authors with Series books and Multiple books
- Young Adult & middle grade
- Romance 
- Historical 
- Dystopian
- Paranormal
- Hero stories
- fairy tale retellings / fractured fairy tales
- Fantasy
- Werewolf / shifter

- Mystery

- NEW Adult

We do NOT accept:

- NonFiction


- Thriller

- Self Help

-  Religious

- Poetry

Submission Guidelines

(2) What we will not accept or even consider is poetry; stories containing pedophilia, incest (as a focal point of a story) or beastiality, in  the traditional sense of the word.

Werewolves and other make-believe creatures are acceptable. 

(3) DBP accepts manuscripts of most fiction genres except poetry.
(4) Dream Big Publishing does offer cover art and design. We will work with the author throughout the entire process. Or the author may provide their own cover which must be royalty free and preapproved.
(5) We will respond to submissions via email.
(6) It may be anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks before a response is received in regards to your manuscript. This gives us time to look the
  manuscript over and make an informed decision. Yet, it can be within the day you submit. Timing all depends on where we are at in our submissions at the time.
(7) DBP will accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors of any background. Though, we do encourage you to look over our submission guidelines first to be sure that DBP is a good fit for your work. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines below will be automatically rejected. The outlets used to publish the authors work are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other major internet retailers such as  Apple and many more. We do every book in print via p.o.d. A contract will be sent to you via email if we accept your manuscript and that contract will have to be accepted and signed before any production of your manuscript will begin. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: .

Submission Formatting 
To submit your proposal, please email a query letter with the following  information to, : 

In the SUBJECT LINE: Query:  title and genre
1. Your full name and pen name, if applicable.

2. Address, Country, and Phone number

3. Your email address.
4.  The name of your story, the expected length, and the genre.

5. Give a full synopsis. (Like what would be on the back of your book.)

6.  A brief description of your writing and/or publishing history, if applicable. In addition, please include links to your author blog or website, if available.

7. Please include the first three chapters of your story. If we like your sample chapters, we will ask you for the entire manuscript for us to review.

In the body of the email, please also include a brief story outline. Describe only the major plot points and the story's ending. PLEASE inform us if this is a simultaneous submission. It can be extremely 
frustrating to spend time reading a manuscript and offering a contract, only to find out the book has been contracted elsewhere.

Dream Big Publishing